History of Italia Mark Lodge

Loggia Italia, the Craft Lodge, having been Consecrated in 1898 and Capitolo Italia, the Chapter in 1912, it was felt that it was about time that we completed the triangle and formed a Mark Lodge.

W.Bro. Bob Gauna, a senior Past Master of Loggia Italia, who was also a Past Master of the Piscator Mark Lodge No. 1363 arranged with W.Bro. Norman Waller and W.Bro. Robert Marshall-Hardy that members of the Italia Lodge and Chapter should be Advanced into the Piscator Mark Lodge for the purpose of becoming Founders.  W.Bro. Gauna was the first Master.  Of the original Founders, only W.Bro. Tony Franchi and W.Bro. Vincenzo Sgueglia remain members.

The Ritual is conducted in Italian and even in the early days, when some of the members were from Piscator and only spoke English, they did make a good effort to work the ritual in Italian.  

Currently, there are in the region of 100 subscribing members, making Italia probably one of the biggest Lodges in England. Many of our members reside in Italy but, never-the-less, make the journey to London twice a year to participate in the life and work of the Lodge.